Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New beginnings

Hey, ive just started my new job at Debenhams and really loving it its a great place to work and the people are really great too its nice to finnaly work in a place thats worth working in...that may sound harsh but what i mean is to work in a place thats well in something im intersted in at the mo as i love fashion and helping people and im doing both yes its not a career but at the end of the day its for a good salary and nice atmosphere what else could u ask for!
anyways update laters byes for now

Monday, 28 April 2008

tricks of the trade...what i use

Another little hidi hole of more makeup lol

deo, other makeup and nail varnish hehe with sum perfume and stuff

My skin regime morning, makeup prep and night hehe...

My wonderful hair products, brunette godess is mine moisture one is mums there really good and would'nt use anything else it salon quality lol....to quote anothers slogan...

What i use to streighten my hair ive got something same make for curling my hair aswell as tigi's catwalk hair stuff too

These are what i tend to use everyday and other bits and pieces that i use frequently...
This is what i use underneath all my makeup. Its superdrug moisture lotion...

This is one of my fav eyeshadow pallets which has 3 eyeshadow colours 1 blush and one lip colour...

The inside of the pallet...

my fav mascara....

L'oreal glam shine lippy in Mauve...

My little makeup organiser which is really cool as it fits so much in it..

same one from differnt angle

my other makeup box from ulta that i bought from ulta in usa it is mint!

Same one with the little compartments...

Makeup i use everyday...

A Nice little piccy....

hey, well since i visit my makeup site everyday i thought i show what i do for my usual day of makeup....see pics for the finished look and before and after

here's the list of what i did for the pic above (and pic):


Superdrug vitamin E Moisture Lotion
Mayberlline Infallible 16hrs in porcelain
Gosh Bronzing Pearls in a light brown


L'oreal Star Secrets Penélope Cruz
Rimmel Kohl black pencil eye liner


L'oreal 6hr Glam shine in Mauve

Brushes used

Mac 224SE Blending brush
Cheap foundation brush from Superdrug
Cheap Bronzer/blusher brush from Superdrug
cheap e/s brush from Ulta xmas collection.
look below for pic by pic show of how i did it...
This is the before look.. with blotchy kinda reddy skin....

Foundation on...
to be honest there is alittle bit of my moles showing through but it still looks better....

Here's some pics with the Mayberline Infallible foundation on:

Its got a nice fragrence to it
It blends into the skin well (well i have had some problems but see cons for that)
it apprently last a long time aswell, the bottle looks quite small but i am assured that it lasts a while)
its medium priced at £10.99 (in usa its around $10-13 dollars from the local drugstore e.g. CVs ect)


After the shop assistant put on the foundation it looked amazing (she used a more expensive powder brush from GOSH, she didnt realize it was a powder brush but it worked better then their auctual foundation brush lol...well anyway )
I put on foundation next day using a cheaper version of the GOSH brush (ordered the gosh powder brush as it was out of stock :( ) it went on really bad and did not go on evenly i had to remove it 2times for it to do it so it diffinantly needs a profesional brush to apply it with.

It rubs off very easy too which is odd really and kinda anoying so it needs alittle time to dry propperly i would say

If you are one of these people that shines when your warm it does do that too and it seems to like be melting ur face but dont be put off by this as if you apply alittle powder/bronzer it'll help calm it down and absorbe alittle better.

basically its a good foundation, good coverage good price and lasts awhile but may need a few practices to make it look right...

Eye shadow pics....
In this pic im applying the first colour to the outter part of my eye, which is like a very dark brown which has like a golden base to it.

other eye ...

Applying lighter brown to the inner corner of my eye...

what it looks like so far with both eyes done with 2 shades...

Now on this one ive applied the light white colour as a highlight not sure if its clear on this pic but it looks quite uneven and needs blending....(which is kind of a downer on the star secrets i think as if you just apply it as it tells you too it would look kinda wiered so it deffinantly needs blending to look good..)

Heres my prize posetion really as i love my Mac blending brush...its the only mac or proffesional brush i have. I would love to have their full set of brushes but need alot more money for that hehe.Mac is not very well known or not known enough i think in the UK but it is an amazing cosmetic line which should be sold more frequently in shops as i neeeed their makeup lol.

Now blending all 3 colours into each other starting from the conor (per advice from the makeup blogger Vanessa at neccessarymakeup.com)

Now to apply the eye liner, this is the rimmel Kohl black pencil which i use alot (hence the size is kinda small as i sharpen it alot lol)

This is the look with the eyeliner on (only along bottom of the eyes as if i put it on the top of the lid aswell it tends to dominate the eye as i dont have alot of crease to work with..) Sorry for the goofy sorta look godnoes why it looks like that and also PLEASE EXCUSE THE EYE BROWS i need them doing desperatly ..will get on that lol

Now this is with mascara on. This one is the mayberlline Define A Lash which is better then most mascaras ive used but im not sure if the picture does my lashes justice as they do look quite nice in person lol..

Lips before and after...
Ive actually got alittle foundation on my lips as a base but my lips are alittle chappted so hence the iky look of them...

I like this colour on me as its not too bright and its not too dull its simular to my natural shade of my lips so it doesnt make me look too out-there..

Heres the finished pics a bit posey but i do get my bord moments and pose away hehe...would'nt make a good model takes loads of pics to find at least one abit desent lol

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

hey made a new blog!

hey well I've recently being going on this makeup site which is omg the best website and every girl should go on it! Its called http://nessasarymakeup.blogspot.com/ please look this lady knows her stuff and shes so pretty too...
anyways i was thinking this could be a post for family and friends to keep updated on me and family and family and friends can add there comments and add what there up to and stuff so it'll be cool...cause I'm board a lot at the mo there's going to be quite a few pics of me and some songs put on here as well I'm pretty random and when your board there's no telling what you do lol...

anyways I'm outta here y'all everythings just peachy <<